Textile & Apparel

Since the 1990s, exports from the garment, textile and footwear sectors have grown significantly. The growth of this labour-intensive sector has been encouraged by low labour cost, intensive industry, the signing of international trade agreements and the presence of favourable investment conditions.

World’s Top Exporters

In 2018, the total exported value exceeded 10 billion US$. In 2017, with a share of 1.5% of the world’s export value, Cambodia became the 9th largest garment producer in the world. In 2018, the Cambodian export value of garments had a share of 82 percent in the garment, textile, and footwear sector, footwear of 11 percent, and textiles of 7 percent.

The Engine of Growth

In 2018, the garment and footwear sector accounted for 74% of Cambodia’s export earnings. By the end of 2018, there were a total of 625 exporting garment and exporting 83 footwear factories in Cambodia in effective operation. As a result, the sector has become the main non-agrarian employer in the country, with over 754,000 workers.

Preferential Trade Agreements

Cambodia has successfully established trade agreements or preferential schemes with importing countries such as the EU, US, China, Japan, and ASEAN. This enables the export of goods at a very low rate or quota-free and duty-free access to partner countries.

Source : Council for the Development of Cambodia

Why Cambodia for Textile and Apparel


Remarkable economic growth, consistent business environment, and care for sustainability


Favorable trade agreements, growing logistical infrastructure, and proximity to key markets


The company is attracting young, energetic talent with increasingly proficient skills, offering competitive wages.


The economy is open, with generous incentives and efficient processes.